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Topic:  Cloud Services
AWS Business Essentials
Code: SSAWS00
Days: 1.00
AWS Technical Essentials
Code: SSAWS01
Days: 1.00
Architecting on AWS
Code: SSAWS02
Days: 3.00
Systems Operations on AWS
Code: SSAWS03
Days: 3.00
Advanced Architecting on AWS
Code: SSAWS04
Days: 3.00
Developing on AWS
Code: SSAWS05
Days: 3.00
Big Data on AWS
Code: SSAWS06
Days: 3.00
DevOps Engineering on AWS
Code: SSAWS07
Days: 3.00
Data Warehousing on AWS
Code: SSAWS10
Days: 3.00
Migrating to AWS
Code: SSAWS11
Days: 2.00
AWS Technical Essentials - Demonstration
Code: SSAWS12
Days: 0.50
Security Engineering on AWS
Code: SSAWS13
Days: 3.00
Planning and Designing Databases on AWS
Code: SSAWS14
Days: 3.00
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