​RESILIA provides a management system and framework for organisations to adopt cyber resilience best practice.

Prevent, respond and recover from cyber-attacks effectively. Training and certification helps build cyber resilience across the organisation, providing the understanding and confidence to react and deal with cyber security risks head on.

Resilia Cyber Security Certification

RESILIA Foundation and Practitioner Certifications are designed to support established IT control and business integration frameworks. It shows how these controls can be selected, deployed and managed in the best way enabling individuals to understand how they can contribute to good cyber resilience using the organization’s existing processes and standards.

RESILIA Foundation level is a three-day/20-hour course which helps individuals understand how operational decisions can have an impact on good cyber resilience. It shows how nurturing cyber resilience can support operational effectiveness and business efficiency.

RESILIA Practitioner level is an additional two-day/15-hour course which equips individuals with practical skills to achieve the best balance of risk, cost, operational benefits and flexibility within an organization.

The benefits of RESILIA certifications:

  • Helps minimize any damage from a security breach and supports fast recovery

  • Helps build cyber resilience into your existing processes.

  • Helps establish a common language for cyber resilience across your organization

  • Builds the confidence and insight to design and deliver cyber resilient strategies and services across your organization as well as with your customers and suppliers. 

Benefits of Resilia Certification

As a leading provider of Cyber Security training, SureSkills has the skills and experience to ensure you enjoy all the benefits of maintaining or upgrading current certification.


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