Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions on Resilia Cyber Security. If you have any more detailed questions, then please contact us.

What is Cyber Resilience?

Cyber Resilience is the ability for an organisation to resist, respond to and recover from attacks that will impact the information they require to do business.


How does Cyber Resilience differ from Information Security and/or Information Assurance?

Traditional approaches to information security focus on an organization’s ability to prevent and detect attacks on its information and assets. This has led to the belief that the solution lies in a series of largely technical controls, as outlined in various standards, which are regularly tested for efficiency and consistency.

The nature and frequency of cyber-attacks has evolved, however so much so that it is no longer a case of if an organization will be attacked, but when. Cyber Resilience reflects this evolution and focuses its efforts on how organizations can also respond to and recover from a cyber-attack.


What is RESILIA™?

RESILIA is a portfolio of training, learning and certification aimed at building Cyber Resilience across the organization, from the boardroom down. It is underpinned by the Cyber Resilience Best Practice Guide and comprises:

Foundation and Practitioner Certifications
Organization wide awareness learning
Cyber Pathway Tool
Leader engagement
Professional Development Programme.


Who is RESILIA™ aimed at?

RESILIA offers practical guidance, training and learning for the entire organisation, including the boardroom, IT, risk and business professionals, so that they better understand the risks and benefits of effective Cyber Resilience.


Why should I take the RESILIA™ certification as opposed to other qualifications such as CISSP, CISM, CISA, COBIT or the various SANS courses?

Existing qualifications like CISSP, CISM and CISA are predominantly aimed at security professionals and as such have a more technical focus. RESILIA has been designed to highlight the importance of strategies and controls that respond and recover from attack and is aimed at IT, risk and business professionals, who need a greater understanding of cyber resilience as part of their existing responsibilities and strategies.


How will AXELOS RESILIA™ fit with existing frameworks? (E.g. NIST, ISF, ISO 27001)

Many existing frameworks outline a set of controls that an organisation should put in place, often for the benefit of proving external assurance.

RESILIA has been designed to complement these existing standards and frameworks by providing guidance on how these controls can be selected, deployed and managed in a way that is appropriate for the specific organisation. It enables the wider IT team, and risk and business professionals, to understand why and how they can contribute to both good cyber resilience and existing standards the organisation is using.


​How does RESILIA™ align itself with ITIL®?

RESILIA best practice uses a lifecycle approach to aid effective deployment and management of Cyber Resilience in an organisation. The lifecycles are complementary to ITIL as they follow the same Strategy, Design, Transition, Operation and Continuous Improvement structure.

The best practice covers what activities, controls and management processes should be in each lifecycle. Organisations already using ITIL for service management will find that Cyber Resilience can easily be integrated into their existing management systems, with Cyber Resilience controls and management becoming an extension of existing business-as-usual processes.

​What certification levels are there for RESILIA?

Foundation and Practitioner certifications are available for RESILIA. There are no prerequisite qualifications for signing up for the foundation exam but you will need to pass this in order to move onto the Practitioner level. The Foundation certification comprises three days of learning followed by an examination. The Practitioner certification requires an additional two days of learning followed by an examination.


How can I study towards the RESILIA™ certification?

The Foundation and Practitioner certifications are available to study through AXELOS accredited training organisations. You can opt to self-study towards the Foundation certification but training is mandatory at the practitioner level.


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