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The Irish Computer Society recently launched its Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme for Ireland’s IT professionals. CPD uses a points-based system which lets participants track, record and share career achievements with their fellow IT professionals. For professionals, CPD is about managing your own learning and career progression so that you can deliver results to your stakeholders – such as clients, management and other business personnel.
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Four Categories, One Programme - ICS Member Information
ICS members are automatically signed up for the ICS CPD programme. By participating in SureSkills events or courses, your points will be updated on your profile page once we have confirmed your attendance - this is a simple process. Points earned will depend on the type and length of the activity. Over time, participants build up their CPD profiles, distributing the points they earn into one of four categories: Formal, Non-Formal, Informal and Contribution.
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How will you benefit?
The ICS CPD programme provides a clear career progression path for IT & Service Management professionals that is easy to adopt and simple to measure. It has many benefits for employee and employer alike, including: - Improved credibility, employability, confidence and job satisfaction; - Access to a larger professional network; - Motivated staff, leading to further training; and - Improved staff retention, company image and knowledge of best practice.
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How to Get Started with the ICS CPD
If you’d like to learn more about CPD and how it can help you chat with any of the SureSkills Training Advisors or visit the ICS CPD web page. If you are interested in becoming an ICS member, visit the ICS Membership page (button below) or contact by email: memberservices@ics.ie.
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