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You need to update your Commvault® software skillset, but you don’t have the time or travel budget to attend an instructor-led course at SureSkills? SureSkills Training & Certification offers real-time, interactive, virtual instructor-led training (vILT) courses that can take the pressure off your schedule, and your budget, while delivering a high quality, results oriented outcome. Students participating in vILT courses have full access to instructors, classroom discussions, question and answer sessions, and all lab exercises; just as if they were in the classroom.

Commvault Professional Foundations - Virtual Classroom


Learn essential skills for configuring and administering Commvault® software to protect data in virtual and physical infrastructures. This 3-day course provides all the information about the Commvault environment core components including:

  • CommServe® server configuration
  • MediaAgent design
  • Agent deployment
  • Storage configuration
  • Data security

The class is balanced between technical discussions using detailed diagrams and white board sessions, and hands-on labs using an Education Services CVLab environment focusing on the Commvault Command Center™. 



Commvault Professional - Virtual Classroom


Continue to enhance your learning experience with Commvault Professional Advanced. This 5 day course delves into configurations, such as:

  • How to deploy Commvault® environment components.
  • How to configure advanced options relating to:
  • CommServe® server configuration
  • MediaAgent design
  • Agent deployment
  • Storage configuration
  • Data security
  • Storage
  • Deduplication
  • Storage policies
  • Advanced media management
  • This course is geared towards users who administer their Commvault environment using the CommCell® console. However, those who use the Commvault Command Center™ will learn how to apply advanced options available in the CommCell® Console. 



    Commvault Essentials - Virtual Classroom


    Discover the fundamental concepts of how to successfully manage Commvault® software. This 1-day course presents operational functions related to the Commvault Command Center™ and provides a comprehensive view of security for users, roles and entities. Storage concepts and configuration are also presented, along with data protection plan design, and CommCell ® environment update operations. Learn how to manage servers, server groups, and agents, and build solutions for File Systems and virtual machines. Each lesson builds on previous topics, so you gain a strong understanding of Commvault software. Those responsible for medium and large datacenter and enterprise environments should proceed to the next level by taking the Commvault Professional course for a more in-depth, technical and hands-on training experience. This course does not include hands-on labs or certification.



    Commvault Engineer - Virtual Classroom


    Elevate your knowledge of Commvault® software and maximize your organization’s investment by learning and applying infrastructure design concepts in your environment. The Commvault Engineer course focuses on a deeper understanding of topics such as:

    • CommCell® design
    • Storage configuration
    • Cloud computing and disaster recovery
    • Commvault Deduplication
    • Application protection in a virtual infrastructure

    This course is structured as a design and implementation project where Commvault best practices are applied to prepare the participant to optimally plan for:

    • CommServe® placement
    • MediaAgent scaling, deduplication engine design
    • Commvault HyperScale™
    • Snapshot implementation
    • Virtual Server Agent configuration from the ground up
    • Performance.

    Emphasis is placed on VM protection, particularly for protecting virtualized applications including Microsoft Exchange, SQL and SharePoint.



    Commvault Master Class - Virtual Classroom


    The Commvault® Master Class and Certification is designed to educate and validate the deepest level of knowledge attainable for Commvault administrators and engineers. Knowledge gained can be applied in advanced enterprise architecture, complex troubleshooting, and more comprehensive management of day-to-day activities. Training emphasis is placed on a concentrated understanding of advanced Commvault features including: virtualization, deduplication, backup/archiving, storage, security, and troubleshooting. The Master 2020 certification assesses knowledge acquired from the master class, validates the mastery of Commvault technologies, and allows those few who complete the program to stand apart from others in the industry.



    Cloud Fundamentals - Virtual Classroom


    Understand Fundamental Cloud capabilities from the primary vendors (such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure) as they pertain to IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, FaaS, and object and block storage. This course provides the concepts of public, private and hybrid cloud technologies, and reviews the current and emerging cloud technologies and how the Commvault® software integrates with these solutions. 



    Workflow Fundamentals - Virtual Classroom


    This 2-day Virtual Instructor-Led training is designed to provide a basic understanding of the Commvault® Workflow engine. This course introduces concepts including common workflow activities, user interactions, data flow and variables, using Qcommands, error checking, and using XML input files. Upon completion of this course the learner will be able to construct basic workflows to control and validate job activities, modify client entity settings, and log events in the event viewer and through Email.


Why choose SureSkills for CommVault training?

SureSkills is still the only Commvault® Approved Services Provider (CASP) and Authorised Training Partner in Ireland with the necessary qualifications, skills and experience to serve your business needs. We offer packaged or customised instructor-led training to ensure that you can deploy and maintain an optimal software solution that suits your business objectives. In addition, we are also the largest managed service provider of Commvault® storage support.

Key benefits of CommVault

  • World’s leading Data Management Company 
  • Learn to protect, access and use all of your firm’s data
  • Unlock the vast potential of Commvault’s software 
  • Increase authority and control in your IT department

Next Steps?

Explore our wide range of CommVault approved training programmes covering all aspects of data protection and information management solutions. Chat to one of SureSkills training advisers to help you get the most from CommVault. Click here to go to our Contact Us page.

How can certification status be upgraded from V10 to V11?

The Commvault v11 certification program offers upgrade exams for Professional and Master certification status. The Specialist upgrade path requires taking the full V11 Specialist exam. If you passed an exam but have not achieved the specific certification level, you must retake the full exams.

Must a student participate in an Instructor-Led Training class or purchase eLearning modules to qualify to take an exam?

it is strongly recommended to attend formal CommVault training, although it is not required.

How difficult are the certification exams?

Question formats are designed to challenge participants and to prove competencies at various levels. Professional level certification requires participants to demonstrate strong knowledge of the Commvault Common Technology Engine, policy configuration and client/agent/subclient configuration. Specialist level certification requires participants to demonstrate advanced knowledge of specific features including: Deduplication, IntelliSnap® Technology, storage configuration and Virtualisation.

If a student upgrades a certification to v11, what is the cost to take the exams?

Students have one free opportunity to pass the v10 equivalent for any exam passed on previous versions through June 30, 2016.

What are 2018 Update Exams?

Commvault has changed its product release cycle and as a result, new features are added via quarterly service packs. To ensure users of Commvault® software are up-to-date on the latest product enhancements, special training courses and update exams are being offered. These exams are free of charge and should be taken within one year of exam release.

What do I need to do to update my certification status to 2018?

Updating certification status is based on your current certification level:

  • V10 Commvault® Professional – take the V11 Commvault Professional upgrade exam and the Commvault Professional 2018 update exam.
  • V11 Commvault® Engineer – take the Commvault Engineer 2018 update exam.
  • V11 Master – take the Master 2018 update exam.
  • V10 Master – take the V11 Master upgrade exam and the Master 2018 update exam.
  • Versions prior to V10 – there are no upgrade paths for certification levels prior to V10. Full exams must be taken to achieve 2018 certification status.

Is there a path to attain 2018 certification status if I only have passed the V11 Core Fundamentals exam?

Yes. Education Services is offering a special 2-day Implementation and Maintenance course which includes a 2018 update exam which will result in 2018 Professional certification status. This offer is valid until March 31, 2018.



Commvault® Certified Professional

Learn essential skills for installing and configuring Commvault® software to protect data in virtual and physical infrastructures. This 5-day course provides all the information needed to get your Commvault environment up and running including: 

CommServe® server configuration, MediaAgent design, agent deployment, storage configuration, and data security

The class is balanced between technical discussions using detailed diagrams and white board sessions, and hands -on labs using Education Services CVLab environment focusing on both the Admin Console and the CommCell® Console

Exam Specifics:

  • Total Questions: 40
  • Time Allotment: 90 Minutes
  • Passing Grade: 70% 

Important Note: You have only one chance to take the exam per registration. You must complete the entire exam once the exam session is started

Disaster Recovery – Design and Implementation

This 2-day Instructor-Led course is intended for administrators, engineers and other personnel who have completed Core Fundamentals. It is designed for those responsible for disaster recovery planning and implementation using Commvault Simpana® software. This course addresses topics ranging from general disaster recovery concepts and terminology to specific planning and recovery steps using tools and technologies relevant to Simpana software.

Students are instructed on ways to identify risk factors affecting all CommCell® components as well as suggested response levels and approaches that help reduce the potential impact to production environments. Through real-world scenarios and hands-on practice labs, students integrate and apply knowledge to effectively recover all necessary CommCell components.


Attendees should have attended the Core Fundamentals course.

Virtual Data Management Exam

The Commvault Certified Specialist - Virtual Data Management (VDM)Online Exam assesses the candidate's level of comprehension for:

  • Planning & Design
  • Environment Configuration
  • Agent Configuration
  • Hypervisor Design & Configuration

Exam Specifics:

  • Total Questions:25
  • Time Allotment:75 Minutes
  • Passing Grade: 75% (19 correct answers)

Important Note: You have only one chance to take the exam per registration. You must complete the entire exam once the exam session is started.

Simpana® Master Class Exam



Certification Roadmap

Commvault's Certification Program offers professional, specialist and master level certifications based on a career path. Advance through the program based on your personal experience and desired area of focus. Distinguish between higher and lower level certification as recognised proof of expertise.

Key Points

  • Certification is integrated and managed through Commvault's online registration in the Education Advantage Customer Portal
  • Cost of certification registration is included in the associated training course
  • Labs are given in class at the end of each module (unrelated to the exam)
  • Students may take the online certification exam(s) any time after completing the course
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