Sustainability Statement

Objective: Reduction of carbon emissions and carbon footprint

Our company takes an innovative approach to carbon management, focused through a series of five-year periods, each of which is allocated a specific carbon budget. In practice, for the duration of this current plan, this requires a progressive decrease in carbon emissions of between 5 per cent and 10 per cent each year to 2025, leading to an overall 25 per cent reduction for the period 2020-2025.

Waste management and reporting

The goal of the minimisation of waste procedure is to facilitate sustainable waste management within the organisation and in a manner that is consistent with the principles of ecologically sustainable development (ESD). Prevention is the most effective means of waste minimisation with the lowest environmental impact. By removing the use of a resource in every part of our processes and operations we also aim to eliminate the associated waste. As a business we employ a rigorous review approach aided by external consultants to examine our business’s actual operating methods and compare these to pre-established best practices.

Sustainability design methodology process

The principle of the four pillars of sustainability states that for complete sustainability problems to be solved in relation to all four pillars of sustainability and then need be maintained. Although in some cases these may overlap, it is important that we identify the specific type of green business to focus on, as the four types present unique characteristics. We review on an annual basis our sustainability design to make a strategic decision about how to incorporate it into our policies and procedures for the comping period.

Sustainable Use of Natural Resources, eco-labels, recyclable materials

SureSkills at all times employs a sustainable purchasing policy. This shows our organisation’s commitment to and support of green and responsible business. Examples of our green purchasing practices include buying from local vendors, transporting products via ground instead of air, occupying building that are not new but can be upgraded to have a lower energy footprint and choosing products made from recycled materials. We have adopted a sustainable purchasing policy to:

  • Reduce purchasing and transportation costs, removing physical – replacing with digital
  • Create and promote a green sustainability messaging with staff, suppliers and customers
  • Reduce generic waste and hazardous waste (batteries, non-recyclables)
  • Forge relationships with other local businesses to encourage best practice sharing

SureSkills ensures that all purchased product conforms to required specification as part of our Standard Operating Procedures. Suppliers are assessed to ensure they are able to provide goods and services to the standard required to satisfactorily meet company and customer needs. The performance of our suppliers is continually monitored and reviewed annually.

Ethical sourcing, human rights and fair operating, labour practices

SureSkills is committed to responsible sourcing in order to protect our nations natural resources and preserve the future of our industries for the generations to come. We agree with our customers, who demand responsibly sourced products. Their awareness of where we source the materials needed to deliver our service need for confidence in the conditions in which it was produced inspires us to source nothing but the very best, and we collaborate with all our suppliers to meet our customers’ high standards. SureSkills ethical and responsible sourcing policy requires that the ethical issues and social responsibility within supply chains are understood and addressed when managing business to business supplier relationships and through the purchasing of goods and services from our suppliers. Please also not our Anti-slavery and human trafficking statement linked here: link to Anti-slavery and human trafficking statement.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

SureSkills is committed to acting with integrity in our relationships with customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the local community in order to maintain the trust and confidence of those with whom we deal. We must achieve consistently high standards of behaviour and care. In order to do this, our Code of Conduct sets out the company’s philosophy and policies on the operation of its business and is critical to the continued growth of our company.