Risk Reduction: Why Take Chances with Protecting Vital Data? Monday, February 20, 20170

Risk Reduction: Why Take Chances with Protecting Vital Data?

The widespread disruption caused by heavy flooding in recent years here in Ireland is a constant reminder that not all risk is created equal. Some of it, like adverse weather conditions, is outside of our control. But there are many other elements of risk that an organisation’s management can do something about, and then it becomes a question of what level of risk that business is prepared to tolerate. 

A survey by the insurance company Zurich found that 53 per cent of SMEs were spending more time on their risk management strategy than before the financial crisis. No doubt some of that developed from a feeling of ‘once bitten’, but from talking to customers there’s definitely a sense that organisations are now more aware of how much they rely on technology in their day-to-day operations.

Keep it Simple, Make the Savings Tuesday, February 7, 20170

Keep it Simple, Make the Savings

Over the course of the next three blog posts, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the reasons for implementing Commvault data management, under the headings of simplicity, risk reduction and productivity gains. 

At a top level, Commvault delivers services ranging from data protection and archiving to data indexing and end user search recovery, from a single platform across all of your enterprise resources – be it on premise, in the cloud or distributed on your endpoint devices. 

That’s a compelling message that resonates whether your focus is on business or IT. The latter benefits because their job is made easier. Commvault’s single codebase delivers a consistent experience in multiple use cases of content indexing. As a result, IT teams have more time and resources to add value elsewhere in their organisation (a theme I’ll return to in a future blog post). The business also benefits because of the cost savings, so it’s a win-win.

GDPR - Discover the Smart Solution Wednesday, February 1, 20170

GDPR - Discover the Smart Solution

You could call it a perfect storm. Data is growing at an unprecedented rate of between 40 and 50% per year across a variety of devices and storage systems – which makes managing it a growing challenge from an IT perspective. From a business owner’s point of view data is an opportunity with potential to reveal greater insight into trends and patterns – but if that information identifies consumers or individuals, the business could be on a collision course with the upcoming EU GDPR which will apply from May 2018. 

To meet these twin challenges, SureSkills is hosting a complimentary briefing for business and IT decision makers who will be directly affected by the implications of EU GDPR. Together with our partners Commvault and Microsoft, attendees will hear how to manage and protect critical data while staying on the right side of the forthcoming regulations.

Why We’re Backing Commvault For Data Management Thursday, January 19, 20170

Why We’re Backing Commvault For Data Management

Over the years at SureSkills, our customers have known us for being independent and technology-neutral. We have always prided ourselves on our ability to diagnose the best solutions for customers rather than prescribing from a narrowly defined menu. 

Like most technology providers, we naturally have partnerships because we’ve always believed it’s better to have evaluated vendors on behalf of our customers, rather than presenting a bewildering array of options to pick from – especially if those customers don’t have the time or breadth of technical experience to judge for themselves and relied on us for guidance. 

(The reason for this is, most large organisations and especially financial intuitions’ internal staff are only exposed to their own environment – and sometimes only small sections of that. The restrictions and regulations on changing the environment limit their chance to carry out these tasks.)

SureSkills TechPro 2017 Prediction Monday, January 16, 20170

SureSkills TechPro 2017 Prediction

By Kevin Reid, Chief Technical Officer, SureSkills  

Now that the ‘as a service’ model for IT has become mainstream, my advice for the year ahead is to be smarter about cloud procurement in order to maximise the benefit it brings to your business. 

Many organisations still consume cloud services like traditional technology stacks, buying more than they actually need. Unlike the IT of old, the cloud’s rental model means you can adjust your service spend from month to month. The key is to make your provider work for you and your business. Most cloud platforms have granular metrics about application usage, so you can see patterns and take action accordingly through adjustments, training or enablement to maximise usage of the technology.

New 2017 Training & Certification Brochure Monday, January 9, 20170

New 2017 Training & Certification Brochure

At SureSkills we believe that your people are your best assets. We understand that continuous improvement, development, training & relevant certification is what empowers your people to stand out and be fully prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. 

We seek to enable such progression through the ongoing power of learning, the review, identification and availability of new courses, allied to relevant professional vendor certifications, roadmaps and accreditation's. 

With over 20 Years of experiences we are proud to say that SureSkills delivers to you our Knowledge, Skills, Competencies, People and Positive Attitude today, to ensure your success tomorrow.


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